GGW Lean In Circles FAQs


1.    What is a Lean in Circle?

GGW Lean in Circles are small groups of diverse gaming women who meet regularly to learn, share and grow together. Participants share a common bond; the power of peer support.

2.    Why should I join a Circle?

Circles provide an opportunity for networking, peer mentoring, education, support.

3.    What types of topics are discussed in a Circle?

Circles generally choose what topics are most important to the group.  Some examples of topics a Circle may discuss are personal branding, effective communication, leadership, personal growth, gender equality.

4.    Who is eligible to participate in a Circle?

Women employed in gaming and/ or hospitality industry in any field or department.

5.    How do I join a Circle?

Complete an application on the GGW website. The 2020 application window opens September 3rd and closes November 1st.  The application must include a resume and 50-100 words personal statement.

6.    Is there a fee to join?

There is no fee to join.  An application must be completed in order to be considered.  The application process includes submission of your resume and a 50-100 words personal statement. 

7.    When can I apply?

In order to be considered for the 2020 Circles, you must submit an application, resume and a 50-100 words personal statement between January 13, 2021 and February 1, 2021. 

8.    How does the application process work?

An application, resume, and 50-100 words statement must be submitted as part of the application process.  Applications are accepted during the application window.  Once the application window is closed, a committee will meet to review each application to determine if the applicant meets the minimum requirements.  Applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be matched to a Circle.  The Circle’s moderator will contact each participant some time in January to schedule a kick-off meeting.

9.    I completed an application, when will I get notified?

A committee will review all applications submitted during the application window.  The process should be completed by end of year and each Circle’s moderator will contact participants some time in January. 

10. How often do Circle members meet?

Circles are required to meet ten (10) times a year.  At a minimum, Circles should meet once every six (6) weeks; however, each Circle may collectively decide to meet more often.  Ideally, Circles who meet every four (4) weeks are generally more successful in engaging.

11. What happens when I miss a meeting?

GGW Circles are meant to be a safe place for members to connect with peers in a structured, supportive, and confidential atmosphere for personal development and growth.  In order to foster this trust, members are expected to attend every meeting.  In case of an emergency, please discuss with your circle as soon as you know.  Members who miss more than 2 meetings in a row will be removed from their Circle. 

12. How long am I committed to be in a Circle?

We ask participants to commit to at least one (1) year.  After the year, your Circle may continue as long as you like. 

13. What happens if I join a Circle and there is a conflict?

We want participants to commit to the Circle they are matched with. However, if you have a reasonable conflict, we asked that you notify us immediately so that we can try to place you with another Circle.  However, we cannot guarantee placement, and you may need to wait until a Circle is available.

14. What if there isn’t a Circle available in my area?

We offer remote Circles for those participants who do not have a Circle available in their area.  Meetings are scheduled via video conference (preferred) or phone. 

15. What happens if I want to join a different Circle?

We take time to thoughtfully match each participant with the right Circle.  Once you are matched in a Circle, we ask that your commit to the Circle unless there is a reasonable conflict. 

16. What is a Circle Moderator?

A Circle moderator is responsible for initiating and leading a meeting.  Read the FAQs for Moderators for more information.

17. Are there any opportunities to meet other GGW Circles outside my own Circle?

We are currently working on some amazing events so that participants can meet each other.

18. Can I join more than one (1) Circle?

Yes, participants may join more than one Circle.

19. How am I matched to a circle?

There are a number of factors that go into how Circles are formed.  First, we try to match circle members who are around the same career stage who may be facing similar business challenges.  We also do our best to accommodate for compatible meeting styles and desired meeting frequency.  Beyond that, we encourage diversity of professions and personalities in a Circle because we've found this breadth of experience to be the most rewarding.   Bottom line, the more detail you provide in your application the better able we are to match you to your Circle!

20. What happens if I'm not matched with a circle?

We make every effort to match applicants with circles. That being said, we are not able to accommodate every applicant. There are times when due to geographic, career stage or number of applications, we cannot make an appropriate circle matches. We encourage any applicant that is not placed to apply again the following year. 

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To Apply

Each year, we open the application process for GGW Lean-In Circle moderators and participants.

If you have any questions regarding GGW Circles or the application process, please reach out to [email protected]