Member Spotlight: Alisia Pulella

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Spotlight: Alisia Pulella

Alisia Pulella

Your current Company: 
Franklin Covey 

Your current Title: 
Senior Client Partner 

How long have you been in a Lean In Circle? 
5+ years

For you, what, so far, has been the highlight of your circle?
The women I have met have helped me transition jobs, negotiate and even got me into cycling. Having the support of a small group of women to bounce ideas off of and gain insight has been invaluable. I recall one conversation where I had been 6 months into a new job and I was questioning my decision to take the job. My circle "sister" challenged me instead of simply empathizing. It was just what I needed to charge on into a very successful year. I am not sure a friend would have done that, but my Lean In Circle was invested in my success just as I am invested in theirs. 

Tell us one thing about you that you are most proud of (personally or professionally).
I am proud of the work I have done to support women in our community. From being a founding member of Dress for Success Southern Nevada to serving on the GGW mentoring committee, I have always felt it a personal mission to empower other women to achieve their best. This applies to my German high school exchange student who lived with me 11 years ago. Helping a young woman navigate career decisions, negotiate raises and a workplace in animation that is mainly male, continues to make me proud. 

What advice would you have for someone new to a Lean In circle?
Commit to participating. It is easy to let other requests from work and personal life get in the way. When you fully commit you will see the benefits ten fold. 

Please share one fun fact or life hack you may have.
My life hack is that when we realize that we have the power to choose every minute how we will react to any situation, we learn that we are in control of this beautiful life. Make the most of each day.