Member Spotlight: Karra Colley

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Karra Colley

Karra Colley

Your current Company: 

Your current Title: 
Project Manager

How long have you been in a Lean In Circle? 
2 years

For you, what, so far, has been the highlight of your circle?
I have benefited from getting the opportunity to network and connect with women in my industry on a personal and professional level. Guiding a Lean In circle as a moderator during the COVID-19 Pandemic presented a unique opportunity for my group to meet virtually bi-weekly, which allowed us to build a strong bond of trust and empathy for one another. A highlight of this past year has been witnessing the promotions and career growth of my group members.

Tell us one thing about you that you are most proud of (personally or professionally).
I’m most proud of being able to quickly pivot into my current role without having any previous experience. I was able to successfully make this transition because I am resilient, resourceful, and have supportive mentors and sponsors.

What advice would you have for someone new to a Lean In circle?
Based on my experience, I would encourage joining a Lean In circle because it's a great way to connect, share, and learn. Besides sharing your knowledge and experiences with others, you get the opportunity to build supportive and meaningful relationships. I guarantee you will not regret stepping out of your comfort zone.

Please share one fun fact or life hack you may have.
A life hack that works for me is whenever I have an important project due I schedule milestones detailing what needs to be accomplished by a specified date. For those times when I have a tendency to procrastinate, scheduling several deadlines along the way allows me to separate the project deliverables into manageable chunks instead of having the extra added pressure of needing to complete the entire project all at once.