Member Spotlight: Kim Rogers

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Meet Kim Rogers

Kim Rogers

Your current Company: 
Aristocrat Technologies

Your current Title: 
Director, Game Design at Studio 54

How long have you been in a Lean In Circle? 
1 year

For you, what, so far, has been the highlight of your circle?
It's been fulfilling to meet driven and successful women in the industry who share similar stories of triumph and tribulations. Each lady brings a unique perspective that has expanded my perspective and they also serve as amazing trusted sounding boards! It reminds me that as Women supporting Women, we can be stronger and more resilient as we navigate our careers!

Tell us one thing about you that you are most proud of (personally or professionally).
I am proud to be a strong female in a traditionally male-led industry, further demonstrating to my daughters that they can do anything that makes them both happy and successful. I am also very proud of my strength to find the uncomfortable, which has continued my career growth and led me to work with some of the best in the industry!

What advice would you have for someone new to a Lean In circle?
I would always advocate to join a Lean In Circle because no matter how talented someone is, no one can do it alone. There are going to be times in your career that you are going to want/need someone else's perspective and others will also look to you to help them. My Lean In Circle has shown me that I am not alone in my career endeavors, as others are also experiencing similar situations, and has allowed us to create a great bond.

Please share one fun fact or life hack you may have.
I was always destined to be in the Gaming Industry, having constantly played the slot machine my grandmother had in her dining room when I was a kid.