Member Spotlight: Sherry Evans

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Meet Sherry Evans


Your current Company: 


Your current Title: 

Senior Director Global Demand Planning

How long have you been in a Lean In Circle?

2 years

Tell us 1 or 2 specific things that you have benefited from being in your circle

Connecting with women in similar leadership positions in the Gaming industry has allowed me to learn and develop as a leader. Having a safe space to be authentically vulnerable, strong, happy & frustrated, among other things, has enabled me to grow and develop my leadership style.

What is the biggest obstacle in your career that you were able to overcome?

Meeting with my circle during the COVID shutdowns was absolutely amazing. We were able to commiserate as much as support each other through this Circle. As difficult as the time was for all of us, I looked forward to sharing the obstacles as well as the wins with the group.

If someone was on the fence about joining a Lean In circle, based on your own experience, what would you tell them?

 The benefit outweighs the time commitment. We all run at a fast pace in this world and that can sometimes make us avoid adding another meeting. You deserve to give yourself this time to focus on your development.

What is something most people don't know about you?

I have a passion for cooking, specifically clean eating, and regularly develop new recipes to share on social media.