Member Spotlight:Tashina Wortham

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Meet Tashina Wortham

Tashina Wortham

Your current Company: 
Konami Gaming

Your current Title: 
Marketing Communications Manager 

How long have you been in a Lean In Circle? 
1 year

For you, what, so far, has been the highlight of your circle?
I'm regularly encouraged and inspired through members of my Lean In Circle. They show me that I'm not alone in my work, my goals, and my struggles.

Tell us one thing about you that you are most proud of (personally or professionally).
I completed my MBA in 2019, due in part to the encouragement I received in my first GGW Lean In Circle. I was working full time, while also going to school full time. It wasn't easy, but I'm proud I made that investment in myself.

What advice would you have for someone new to a Lean In circle?
Do it for the other women. We are far too few this industry. If you can encourage just one person to continue investing her professional career in the gaming space, that's a win for our future.

Please share one fun fact or life hack you may have.
I try to take note of nature every chance I get, even if it's just the landscaping on my walk into work. Exposure to greenspace is linked to wide-ranging health benefits including increased production of anti-cancer proteins, shown in research from the Nippon Medical School and the University of East Anglia.